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To Watch This Weekend: Leaked Episodes of 24

Leaks of shows before they actually air is old-hat to file-sharing die hards but this one has undeniable mainstream appeal. The first four episodes of popular serial thriller 24 are now available at your local torrent index site. TorrentFreak says the AsiaTeam crew were responsible for scoring the season six preview DVD and posting it.

Indulge me for a moment, and let me suggest that this may not have been unintentional. Crazy, you say? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. The presumed strategy is that die-hard fans willing who download the show will spread word of mouth about the exciting new episodes to less technical fans. On the other hand, it may just have been hijacked from the DVD pressing plant. Now 24 isn’t my cup of tea (if it was Lost, I might have had a heart attack), but I’m curious to know if any of y’all are going to download it.

18 Responses to “To Watch This Weekend: Leaked Episodes of 24”

  1. Something about Kiefer Sutherland. I’m sorry, but his career high point was Lost Boys. Not that that’s a bad thing.

    Lemme guess, pre-air copyrighted material is being relagated to the spoiler section of the fan forums, no?

  2. I’ve made it through the first three episodes, and it’s good stuff! If they wanted to create buzz, I’m def. one of the ones blabbing about it to everyone.

    I’m on a 24 Forum. There’s already feverent discussion and reviews about the first 4 eps. The moderators are pretty adamant that people not reference how they obtained the episodes – no discussion about how or where to download.

  3. Great point, Luke. Seems like having one’s cake and eating it to!

    I know there’s all sorts of ways shows get online before they air — even Comcast’s Video-on-Demand special pre-air previews have been leaked in the past, and there’s a whole subculture of zero-day movie pirates. And sure, I only have a hunch this was intentional.

    Wonder how the 24 fan forums have taken the news?

  4. I got an MSN message last night from a buddy. 24’s first 2 hours are unbelievable. I was freaking that I missed it. When told it was on torrent I had to fight that inner urge to DL it since it is the one show my wife and I look forward to watching together every week. She gets annoyed when I read with Jack at the beginning of the show. But, my anticipation was raised with his IM.

  5. “As everyone knows, leaking stuff on internet before retail date is usual (CD, DVD, application…) and TV shows are not exempted.”

    this is not a retail release – the show doesnt have its FIRST air date till next w/end

    i’m not convinced either way whether this was deliberate leak or not – not that im bothered since it means i dont have to wait till a week next mon/tues to watch it (i dont live in the us or uk)

    ive watched the first 2 eps and am not far off 3 & 4 and cant wait – the only problem is what im going to do while waiting for ep 5 to air

  6. Didn’t the US bring in laws to give leaking movies and such BEFORE release harsher penalties?
    Seems strange for an industry to push for changes like that then commit the act themselves for PR.

  7. It’s not a suprise.
    Every January, first episodes of 24 leaked on Internet.
    You can also download the full DVD1 (Region 1) including the 4 first episodes and “a
    never-before-seen 12-minute preview of the next
    explosive episode.”

    As everyone knows, leaking stuff on internet before retail date is usual (CD, DVD, application…) and TV shows are not exempted.
    For example this year, you could be able to see Weeds S02E01 and 02, Justice S01 pilot, Criminal Mind S02 01 pilot before air date.