Nintendo Leading the Way In the Digital Age

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One dream that many people share is the idea of making the living into room the complete digital hub for the whole family. Other than the convenience of having all of your Internet and entertainment needs combined into one central area, there’s also the business side of things to consider. Being able to stream new content from the web and via specialized mini-transactions to the common household unlocks significant income opportunities. This is the market segment that Microsoft has been chasing after for quite some time now, but it’s not the 360 that’s making the biggest strides… it’s Nintendo (NTDOY.PK).

According to WiiSee, Orb Networks, a company that specializes in sharing media via proprietary software, has added a service to deal with the Nintendo Wii. MyCasting, Orb’s service for file and video sharing, has been updated to include Nintendo Wii service. In order for the software to work, users will have to create an account and download the software. Once loaded, media can be streamed from anywhere onto the television via the Wii and its version of Opera.

One has to think that the reason for the innovation is because there’s no real competition. The XBox 360 doesn’t have an Internet browser, and the the PS3 has a very small install base. They both offer media capability, but both are quite a bit less user friendly than the Wii solution. Will Nintendo keep the edge? Who can really tell, but for now, its Nintendo’s game to lose.

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ian at orb

i think you’ve nailed it, jason – it’s pretty ironic that the one player of the big three who HASN’T been making a lot of noise over the past half-decade about the chimerical Digital Hub is the one who’s pulled it off!

i think it also shows that we’re now entering a whole new phase of relevance for the Web browser over proprietary interfaces for discovery and command – Orb has certainly bet big on this (vs. on the idea of putting specialized software on your mobile phone, on your set-top box, etc.) so it’s gratifying to see the ecosystem of the Web browser expand

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