New Nokia N800 Internet Tablet appears and unboxed

Nokia is all set to start shipping the newest version of the Internet Tablet and an enthusiast has already posted a slew of unboxing photos.  It looks like Nokia has updated the design with a more modern looking device.  The unboxer does state that the Nokia N800 is already showing as available online so it will likely get announced here at the CES on Monday.  Blowing up the back of the box reveals the following specs:

  • VGA (640×480) webcam
  • Integrated stand
  • 4.13 inch screen
  • Stereo speakers
  • Microphone
  • Audio jack and mini USB port
  • Requires mobile phone (with BT) for cell connection.
  • WiFi and BT

Here’s the N800:

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

(Reader Joel McLaughlin via engadget)


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