New Nokia N800 Internet Tablet appears and unboxed


Nokia is all set to start shipping the newest version of the Internet Tablet and an enthusiast has already posted a slew of unboxing photos.  It looks like Nokia has updated the design with a more modern looking device.  The unboxer does state that the Nokia N800 is already showing as available online so it will likely get announced here at the CES on Monday.  Blowing up the back of the box reveals the following specs:

  • VGA (640×480) webcam
  • Integrated stand
  • 4.13 inch screen
  • Stereo speakers
  • Microphone
  • Audio jack and mini USB port
  • Requires mobile phone (with BT) for cell connection.
  • WiFi and BT

Here’s the N800:

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

(Reader Joel McLaughlin via engadget)



It does look like Borat designed it; twin stereo speakers – it’s a miniature ghetto-blaster! I like it! The best screen cover is a full-sized keyboard like the Psion Series 5mx but no need to wait for iphone with this great Linux tablet! It sounds like Mike Cane prefers surfing the internet on sub-QVGA screens.


The only thing I DO NOT like is that the new one does not have a screen cover. The 770’s cover design is genius. I love it. The only things I see thus far that makes this work upgrading is:

The N800 is reported to have 2 miniSD slots. One internal and one external. The internal you’d use for swap and the external you use for putting media files and documents on.

The Web Cam is on the N800. I don’t realy need it.

Now if this thing has a faster processor, I am going to save some bucks up and then put my 770 on eBay. For the memory cards, I would get 2 of the largest it supports. If it’s similar to the 770, it probably only supports 2 GB cards. That makes sense why the latest firmware supports 2 GB RS-MMC.

I am NOT sorry for seeing RS-MMC to go on this device. That was the WORST thing on the 770. RS-MMC is a pain to find locally. You can get it on the internet, but alot of times it’s shipping from Hong Kong. That and until recently, the 770 only supported up to 1 GB. Thankfully, it supported 2 GB cards from the get go when I got mine. Unfortunately, the new one is going to come out exatly one month after I got mine. Oh well.

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