Mobile TV Madness at CES


CES 2007, Las Vegas: First Modeo gave us details of its mobile TV launch at CES, then Samsung said it is working on its own mobile TV technology, now reports are saying Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm will announce the launch of MediaFLO mobile TV for Verizon mobile subscribers. We speculated as much, but whoa, talk about mobile TV overload — not even a day in Vegas and we’re already tired of the subject.

Then there’s the mobile TV over WiMAX demonstration that Sprint, MobiTV, Intel, Samsung, and Motorola will be putting on. And Cingular has its own mobile video thing going on with its “live” video share call announcement — they’ll be showing off a service where callers can share a live video stream to a recipient during a voice call. Well that covers all the major U.S. carriers, but seriously, all this mobile video is making my head hurt.



so where are the tv network operators in all this mobile tv madness? I can’t image they would be willing to let the customer slip out of their hands given the size of this market opportunity.


Too much hype around Mobile TV.

No one is making any serious money in this space!

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