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John Gruber points to a terrific post about Tuesday’s Keynote over at Valleywag. It’s worth a quick read for sure.

The main point being that Apple is in overdrive with hyping this event. With the rumored Apple Phone being beating to death in the past few months, it’s all but expected. Following that line of thinking, the resulting surprise should [hopefully] be a big one that no one sees coming.



Show us the iPhone already… prediction… MacWorld 2008 will include a keynote from Steve about how you can create your own ring tones for the iPhone in iTunes… but that’ll be overshadowed by the release the mactablet…


I don’t quite get it. As far as I’m concerned all the hype is coming from sources outside Apple, all they have done is put up an image on the front page of If we, the apple community, weren’t lapping up every little tidbit of information about macworld then places like the apple blog and all the others would stop writing about it, and thus hyping it up. Its a self fulfilling prophecy almost. Anyone else seen that Simpsons episode where all the adverts come to life, its the same principal. Just don’t look.


Jan you are exactly right. Living here in Redmond, WA no one has a clue that Mac World exists besides a few of us Mac folk hiding in our storm shelters. So only us folks who follow the Mac (or live it religiously) are overhyped.

I fully agree with the original author. Steve knows marketing. Always has, always will. I bet he is really ticked about the whole stock options thing. Takes away a little of his thunder.

Joe Cabrera

I’m always amazed at how well some of these upcoming items can be kept a secret, especially anything that’s already begun being manufactured. That’s an awful lot of people in on the secret keeping their yaps shut.

As far as Macworld itself goes, I also hope that something NONE of us are expecting pops up. It’s nigh impossible anymore for the conjecture to live up to what actually appears, so I’m practically deaf to all those morons who work themselves up to their constant disappointment.

And considering all the talk about an iPhone device, I think if it really wasn’t part of Apple’s future plans they would have made a public announcement by now. I’ve never seen anything like it ever before.

Jan Korbel

Let’s not forget that the event and even the phone is only over-hyped to us, who read Apple blog, Apple Insider and other site regularly (checking feeds twice a day anyone?). So of cource we, the Appla fan(atics), may be little bored with endless repeating but the average Mac user or, God forbit, Windows user knows nothing or very little and they could still be excited about just the phone, if it is released, as little kids over Chrismas.


I can’t believe I am saying this but I am turned off of the event. It’s been so hyped that it’s starting to be way too commercial. As with anything there will be let downs and surprises but what’s the point getting all hyped up before. I stoipped reading about it a while ago.

After all, what is Apple? It’s more than a cool product or cool people using a fantastic tool and pitifully smiling at Windows users.

Frankly said, if the iPhone comes, OK, cool. If iTV comes, great but what I really want to know is what are they doing in terms of, I hate that over used word, convergence and security.

Thye ideal scenario is that we can use our desktop/laptops with our stereo and home entertainment centers easily. Communicate, share and work with the tied down Windows prisoners, uh I mean users. As more and more people turn to Apple, so are hackers. Is Apple ready to update flaws quickly? Will they get too big and follow Microsoft’s arrogant ways of mistreating their clients?

On a personal level, will they ever bring back the 13″ laptop? I love mine and can’t see going to a 15″. After all the idea behind a “portable” laptop is just that, portable and plug it into a bigger screen at home.

Onwards with the show!

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