XBox 360 Version 2 To Come With HDMI and Bigger Hard Drive

Being an early-adopter is a double-edged sword. On the one side you get to be the cool guy with the latest gaming hardware, but on the other side you end up missing out on the hardware revisions and special offers. One such revision that is causing me much pain is the leaked information on the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) XBox 360 Version 2, codenamed “Zephyr.”

Engadget spoke with an industry insider who has confirmed the release of the new 360. This latest revision contains the 65nm processor, a 120 GB HDD and a HDMI port. This would be quite the update for XBox fans, since the 20 GB HDD that is currently available has been constantly maligned due to lack of space, the HDMI port will be capable of producing true 1080p, and, last but not least, the new processor is smaller and cooler, so less heat related issues.

The XBox insider who released this information couldn’t give a release date for the new hardware, but said that it would be available “soon.” Let’s hope there’s a trade-in plan, because there’s no better way to enrage a bunch of fans than releasing a better version of a product they just bought. There isn’t any information on what the new 360 might cost, but since it is coming with the smaller, cheaper to manufacture processor, one would imagine that it will remain the same price.


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