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There are many different word processing programs available for a Mac, ranging from fully fledged offerings such as Pages and Microsoft Word through to more basic apps, such as TextEdit and Text-Wrangler. All of these follow a similar theme and, whilst they all focus on a slightly different target market, they are all very similar.

I’m writing this review using a new piece of software called WriteRoom. It isn’t like your average word processor in that it has (more or less) no interface at all. It creates a completely distraction free environment in which you can work uninterrupted and without anything bouncing around persuading you to do something else. It’s writing bliss.

Main WriteRoom screen

When looking at the site at first I was quite skeptical. I like the interface and features my Mac has to offer and wouldn’t really want to sacrifice them. I also really didn’t like the whole green on black text style. I downloaded it anyway, being inquisitive and all, and discovered that it’s actually very advanced. There are a great deal of options you can play with in the preferences to customise it exactly how you want it. Mine is a completely white screen, with black Garamond 14-pt. It looks stunning, and is “minimalistic bliss”. At the moment, I’m not honestly sure I’ll ever use something such as Microsoft Word again!

WriteRoom Coloured Screens

Obviously it isn’t perfect for every situation. There are times when you need to be able to format text more effectively, insert images, or use all the features of a full word processor. But when writing blog posts, essays or letters, this does seem to be one of the best programs out there.

Try it and you’ll be hooked straight away. Promise!

12 Responses to “WriteRoom”

  1. Writeroom is way inferior to Macjournal… I also tried MegaZomer and it works well, but you can’t change the size, justicication, etc.

    And it will not work with Appleworks:)

  2. Don Parr

    enumerated, thanks for the megazoomer tip. Concerning WriteRoom, to me, and a number of others that purchased the program, it IS worth $25. I will not attempt to change your opinion, on the other hand, don’t expect ours to change.

  3. I will check it out.. I am a very faithful appleworks guy though. Is it just me or is everyone forgetting about Appleworks? Including Apple. Anyways I love my Appleworks:)
    It would be simple for Apple to add the mail feature in services or the full screen. Why did they take away macros?

    I purchased MacJournal for the mail feature… it has a full screen feature as well.

  4. Don Parr

    WriteRoom (2.0) has become an indispensable tool in my daily work flow. Using the Edit in WriteRoom plug-in and a simple email applescript, I’m good to go. The Edit in WriteRoom plug-in works with any cocoa based app that utilizes the standard NSTextView text components, like Mail and Safari for example. The simple email applescript works with Apple’s Mail, which is my current email client of choice.