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Have you heard about the Get NewTeeVee on Your OldTeeVee contest yet? We’ve got five first-place prizes: invites to the Venice Project for the NTV team’s favorite PC-to-TV setups.

These are the rules: send us a picture of on your television and tell us how you did it. If you’d like, you can post a link to the picture and a description of your methods in the comments of this post. Alternately, you can email them to Do this before 8 a.m. PST on Monday, January 8.

We’ll give out awards for most elegant setup, least elegant setup, and perhaps “best device that isn’t a TV.”


Andre Sala

I had a few options for setting this up, but I knew the most elegant was to just use the built-in web browser for the Nintendo Wii. Here’s my picture:

The Wii browser is opera based, and works very well. I’m sure it would look even better if I had a nice flat-screen TV. The Wii is connected to my television via the standard composite cable that comes with the console.

Liz Gannes

Nope, we’re not in bed with the Venice project. Just wanted to figure out a fun way to give out these invites cause we,ce got them and they’re in such high demand. Also, that screenshot comes direct from the official tvp screenshot page you told us about, Matt!


If GigaOm where being paid by the project they wouldnt continue to post unauthorised screenshots

The Venice Projectâ„¢ Beta-Testing Program
Welcome and blogging

Welcome to all our new beta testers!

As more people are added through invites and as we gradually add people directly, new beta testers may be unaware that it’s ok to blog about The Venice Project – the one exception is creating screenshots with TV content behind them – as these images are not owned by us. More detail is in Dirk’s first blog post about this area; cleared screenshots that you can use are here and in general images of our UI without any background (or with crystals background) are ok too.

Posted at 04 Jan 2007 @ 14:12 by Libby Miller

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