Wallstrip Video Show Raises Funding

Wallstrip, a three-month-old online videoblog about the stock market, has raised a little over a half a million dollars in funding, creator Howard Lindzon told NewTeeVee Thursday.

Wallstrip takes a much more anecdotal than analytical approach, focusing each day on a single stock trading at an all-time high or a hot trend. For instance, a show about Adobe featured a human flasher, a show about Medtronic had a zany defibrillator skit, and a show about DirectTV — attributing part of the company’s success to its exclusive NFL deal — put host Lindsay Campbell through a blocking drill-cum-football trivia game.

It’s the same awkward deadpan news anchor humor as Rocketboom and its progeny, but the addition of a preset topic — honestly, it might be as simple as that — makes Wallstrip more watchable.

Lindzon, a longtime investment advisor and fund manager, says he created the short-form show to provide an alternative to unnecessarily complicated stock market analysis. He claims the show — which he alternately describes as “Cramer with breasts” and “buy high, sell high” — currently receives about 10,000 views per episode.

Wallstrip’s friends-and-family investment round included venture capitalist Fred Wilson. As for making money, Lindzon said the show is focused on building an audience for the time being. It currently uses limited post-roll ads via Revver.

With the funding, Wallstrip plans to create five more original shows on the topics of finance and venture capital. Lindzon says, whereas Wallstrip is keeping things upbeat and happy with the all-time-high theme, “not mucking around with companies like Dell,” at least one of the other shows will tackle the fact that stocks don’t always go up.

“There’s two ways to do a show, the Oprah Winfrey way and the Montel Williams way,” Lindzon pontificates. Wallstrip, he says, is the former.

Look for an interview with Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell next week.