OQO Model 01+ for $799 at Woot!



If you can’t wait to see what new OQO might show off next week at CES or you don’t care about new products and are jonesin’ for a good deal, hurry over to Woot! The on-line retailer is offering the OQO Model 01+ for $799.99 this morning; I would have missed this great deal, but Bob Russell over at MobileRead was kind enough to e-mail it to me this morning. Thanks Bob!

This OQO model is the most current production OQO device available; it runs the Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, has a 30 GB hard drive, runs on a 1 GHz Transmeta processor and offers a 5-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen. Oh, don’t forget the slideout keyboard too. For all the deets and specs, hit up Woot! and don’t wait!


Mike Cane

Ha! Serves you right, chappie! I can’t get any of the Dangerous Davies books by Leslie Thomas here in the US!

Davey A in the UK

Ohhhh !
I tried to order from them but WOOT doesnt supply to UK.
Thought it was a small world, maybe I was wrong.
Maybe they just “Wont Organise Overseas Transactions”.


i second that…would SOMEONE please blog abut the Raon digital vega!


sold out!! people do appreciate mini-pcs/umpc devices at the right price….despite the fact i have a raon digital vega and an asus r2h i had to fight myself to not order one….i have a sickness…

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