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This is pretty sweet for all you home brew fans out there. This guy made his Nintendo DS function like an iPod, using the lower (touch) screen as the click wheel. Not overly useful – unless you have a DS and not an iPod – but pretty cool anyway.

My Son’s got a DS, but I think if I started messing with it like this, he (and my lovely wife) would probably be a bit non-plussed by it. I guess I’ll just have to get my own DS…

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4 Responses to “iPodDS”

  1. misantr-ipod

    I cannot agree more with tharris.
    The level of quality of the Itunes software to manage the songs loaded on the computer and the ipod is stunning. Microsoft would have been lambasted by the press, district courts would have hand-shackled Bill Gates and the EU Commission would have fined them 100 Billion Euro if MS had ever produced such a piece of crap:””………………….
    – Starts with the categories of music: only one category of classical music, but more than a dozen for current music styles (of course , theoretically one can add categories, but then they cannot be uploaded to the online database)………………….
    – the database has Mozart (and Schubert, Beethoven, you name them, all dead since centuries) as performing artists; sometimes the title of the album as composer etc etc, all depending obviously how people submit them. While there cannot be a prescribed standard imposed, some intelligence in the system would certainly not hurt. ……………………………….
    -The worst thing is managing entries, there are no edit-replace functions, (that should be simple to install, I presume); the software automatically installs whatever it read, even though the setting is for the software NOT to do that; it even asks you whether it should convert or not, and whatever you respond yes or no, it just goes ahead and does it (think of microsoft doing that kind of thing); …………………….
    – the search in the latest classic ipods is not across the entire database but only within the “column” you are searching in – which is rather idiotic, because when you are in the right column, you do not need the search ……………………….
    – the only thing apple cannot be blamed for is that there is no alternative on the market that offers a 160 GB portable

  2. tharris

    Apple sucks and so does I tunes….Microsoft gets sued everyday left and right everyday for anti-trust and monopolization but when ever I have had to install or copy something to my PC amazing it always works or plays….Take for example you load a WMA file it plays in QuickTime but try load a quick time file and of course it doesn’t work. It is the same thing with all the I tunes crap. I can’t play anything from I tunes on my creative player or my windows mobile phone. Imagine that. The only way I can play it is with QuickTime. Who is the one trying to monopolize with 75% of digital audio sales being down on their site. I hate you I tunes. I hope you die….Long live Microsoft I pray that MS Zune and it’s movement will destroy you.