InvenSense Secures $11 Million In Second Round Funding


Flailing around madly is becoming quite popular nowadays… just ask any Nintendo Wii owner, or the collection of hapless souls who have broken their TVs and skin with the use of the Wii Remote or the Remote itself. Heck, even Sony has gotten into the game with the SixAxis controller. As much fun as flailing is, however, the uses of internal gyroscopes go beyond looking ridiculous.

InvenSense, a company dedicated to providing motion sensing capabilities for mobile phones, has quite a few ideas on the subject of flailing, and apparently people are listening. The usefullness of such a function in cellular phones may not be readily apparent, but they are there. InvenSense’s technology will be used to aid in steadying cameras (phone or otherwise), gaming and can also make certain phones useful as 3D mice.

InvenSense has managed to secure another $11 million in Series B funding in order to ramp up production of their line of motion sensing chips, the IDG-300 and the IDG-1000. The demand for these chips is currently high with certain digital camera manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan. Steven Nasiri, CEO and Founder of InvenSense, had this to say about the funding:

“The infusion of new capital will enable us to build a broader infrastructure to handle demands for millions of units per month. We are seeking to expand our marketing and sales focus from digital camera market to gaming consoles, mobile handsets and other consumer electronics devices.“

With new ways of interaction being so sheik, it would seem that InvenSense has the right idea. It’s only a matter of time before we can all madly wave our arms around in public and no one will take notice. This is going to make finding the crazy people even harder.

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