Insider Scoop! Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled!


Today I received a letter in the mail from a writer claimed to work at an Apple affiliate. In the letter he stated some very good scoop and encourage me to write about it here on TAB. So without further anticipation, I intend on spilling the beans on Tuesday’s announcements.

Before I do, I want to warn you that the writer in this letter stated he had just finished sneaking out of Steve’s trunk and eves dropping on his iPhone conversation. While he listened, the most important announcement was pale in comparison to the buzz around the phone.

Apple will sell computers in 2007, some in white some in black! It hasn’t been officially determined as far as I know, but it is certain that they will come with a version of OS X that runs on some advanced silicon on insulator technology called ‘chips’. These ‘chips’ will be made by a few companies, but Intel was certainly mentioned. There were exchanges in the conversation about ‘refreshing the product line’ over the coming year.

There was talk about a secret product called ‘iTV’ that tied it all together from the home to the Internet via .Mac. People could hook this unit up to a screen like a Mini with more media rich features that some hackers have been working on already. Steve giggled with delight as he joked about how all his customers did the footwork for him! Then he said it was cool they did because it just inspired him even more to blow the socks off of them on Tuesday. Then there was a bunch of whispering, and the letter ended sort of abruptly.

So there you have it folks. Will there be a phone pulled out of Stevie J’s pocket when a call from Schiller comes in? Will iTV go on sale and how will Leopard play a big part of that device? I don’t know, but my spy tells me we’ll have to read TAB during the keynote to find out for sure. Until then, I’d stay out of Steve’s trunk or guess the scoop from the rumor mill.



i agree it wasn’t hilarious but better than any lame attempt by tuaw at apple related humor


I guess this gives a whole new meaning to “Hey Steve, can I stick my bike in your trunk?”

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