Blogging at the CES 2007 in Las Vegas


Well, I am now in Las Vegas for the CES 2007 and will be blogging about fun stuff as I run across it.  The show doesn’t start until Monday morning but I will be attending Bill Gates’ keynote address on Sunday night.  I came out early to attend a two day Vista pre-launch event for Microsoft.  I am staying at the Hotel Orleans off the strip so if anybody is out this way and think you see me walking around you probably do.  Kevin and Matt will be arriving in Vegas over the next two days so the entire MobileTechRoundup cast will be in the same place at the same time which will be cool.

I had lunch with Dennis Rice and Warner Crocker of GottaBeMobile and the conversation centered around, could you guess?  Tablet PCs and UMPCs, of course.  It’s nice to finally meet Warner in the flesh.  More to come later but if you are curious about the rooms at the Hotel Orleans here’s a photo of mine:

CES 2007 001


Dennis Rice

That picture was of James’ room BEFORE Splotch arrived. James is a very bad influence on the new mascot.

I can attest though, that James is hard at work on his P1610!

Mike Cane

Of course it’s work! And the check is in the mail too!

Oh! Don’t forget to stop by Sony for Reader news!

And put down those poker chips! You can go lose your shirt *after* you do our bidding! Nyahaha!

Dave Gray

Yeah, nice picture of the room, James. Smart move. But, I’m guessing we WON’T be seeing what “the rooms at the Hotel Orleans” look like at 3am, will we? Because what happens in Vegas…

(Mrs. Kendrick: what?! it was a joke!)

To add to Mike’s list above:

5 – Have your “crew” get some action shots of the P1610 on assignment.

6 – Look for any new P1610-related goodies (cases, accessories)

Mike Cane

Your mandatory assignments:

1 – OQO new model fondle and photos

2 – Palm “third business” device fondle and photos

3 – See if that Korean VEGA company is there with a new model — then fondle and photos

4 – Yahoo UMPC fondle and photos


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