Warner Brothers To Unveil Dual Format DVD: Uniter Or Divider?

Enough of Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD…here’s another format which we have to worry about, only it is a compromise between those two: Warner Brothers plans to unveil the Total HD disc, a single videodisc that can play films and TV programs in both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, next Tuesday at CES.
Two rival camps introduced high-definition DVD players last year: a consortium called Blu-ray, backed by Sony and others, and a group called HD-DVD, backed by Toshiba and Microsoft. Observers say the split has confused consumers and slowed the introduction of what is intended to be the next great thing in home entertainment. Still, a third format might just add to consumers’ bewilderment. In addition to Warner’s Total HD, LG Electronics, which will show off its dual-format player at CES, and other manufacturers, seem to be betting on the dual format.
Rafat adds: This is even more crazy…TotalHD format is the third format, however Warner wants to spin it. It is the third type of DVD retailers will have to stock in the short to medium term.
Gizmodo: Given that companies like LG are starting to announce players that can play both rival high def formats, one might question the necessity of introducing yet another disc format, even if it’s supposed to be a uniter and not a divider.