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Studios OK Movies Download & Burn Technology; Users Still Need New DVDs and Compatible Players

This should finally give some hope to the online movie services out of the current morass: Hollywood studios have approved the CSS lock on DVDs burned in a computer or a retail kiosk. The lock, known as “content scrambling system,” or CSS, comes standard on prerecorded DVDs today, and matches the descramblers on DVD players. But online movie download services such as Movielink, CinemaNow and’s Unbox haven’t been able to use CSS because studios fear widespread DVD burning could lead to piracy.
Earlier in November last year, the DVD Forum gave formal approval to a new type of recordable disc that will accept movies encrypted with CSS.
Now Sonic Solutions is introducing the Qflix system for adding a standard digital lock to DVDs burned in a computer or a retail kiosk…but consumer will need new blank DVDs and compatible DVD burners to use it. Consumers still would be subject to restrictions placed by the movie service and studios, such as the number of times a DVD could be copied.
Video Business: Movie download services Movielink and Akimbo, kiosk providers Polar Frog Digital, Lucidiom and MOD Systems and drugstore chain Walgreens have all inked deals with Sonic to use the Qflix technology. The company also has deals with DVD drive manufacturer Plextor and disc publishers Rimage and Primera Technology to provide an end-to-end download-to-burn solution.

One Response to “Studios OK Movies Download & Burn Technology; Users Still Need New DVDs and Compatible Players”

  1. whoindatgarden

    Well cool this is a great idea…..
    So now there are enough people to begin with who understand the various different formats available to copy data on CD's and DVD's like CD R+ CD R- DVD RW, DVD R=, DVD R- and that is not confusing enough they want to add special DVD blanks. So retailers have to add another item to their inventory and people have to keep track of what they buy. How realistic are these ideas in terms of being something that there shall be a large adoption of. Maybe these folks who come up with such ludicrous ideas must feel that they are "ABOVE AVERAGE" and thus can come up with Brilliant stupid ideas.
    This does not take into account the coming HD DVD or BluRay formats that add another dimension of complexity to a simple business yet made complex by those who wish to continue to hold on to their turf's.
    Amazing that there are deals being made even to provide Kiosks to burn DVD's on Demand.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Maybe the marginal costs for these players is so low that they can undertake pathetic ideas and not feel it hurt the bottom line.