Sprint queues up the Q smartphone

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Sprint_motorola_qFollowing in Verizon’s footsteps from last year, Sprint added the Motorola Q smartphone to their lineup with expected availability later this month. I don’t see any glaring differences or upgrades between the Sprint version and Version offering, at least not from the press release. In lieu of fully detailed specifications, the PR appears more focused on the Sprint Q’s support for Sprint’s extra offerings like NFL Mobile and On Demand features.

There are some details worth noting: inclusion of Good Mobile Messaging for e-mail access, push e-mail support through Good or an Exchange server, Bluetooth 1.2 support and the 1.3 Megapixel camera. Sprint didn’t officially disclose the price in the press release; regardless of price, my question is: will you Sprint customers jump on the Q or has it been passed up by other current or expected phones at this point?

1 Comment

Ross Wirth

It’s still the smallest smart phone out there, and signficantly cheaper than the palm/6700/samsung alternatives. I’m contemplating, but my Samsung a900 lets me use it as a modem on the $15/month plan, and I do dig the tiny flip phone footprint. Still not convinved. I had a 6600 for about 8 months but it was too buggy, and not as good at being a phone as it should be.

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