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Samsung Promotes (Yet Another) New Mobile TV Technology; Local Broadcasting Possible

Samsung has announced a new mobile TV technology which uses existing networks and spectrum owned by TV broadcasters, reports the Wall Street Journal. The new system is dubbed Advanced-Vestigial Side-Band (A-VSB), and will require broadcasters to transmit separate beams to devices (handsets, laptops, whatever) equipped with the Samsung chipset. The system isn’t a standard yet, but Samsung hopes it will be approved by the Advanced Television Systems Committee by mid-year.
While the technical details are currently under trial by Samsung, Sinclair Broadcast Group (which runs 58 TV stations in the US) and transmitter manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz (TMCnet) in the US, the business model is still being worked out — the channel lineup could be the same as the local broadcast or specially tailored programming for mobiles, and the service could be free and ad-supported or offered for a monthly fee, augmented by programs for mobile people such as traffic and weather conditions. Importantly, Samsung doesn’t need a carrier partner to pull this off (something that is giving Modeo a lot of trouble), although the article does mention that the chip allows video to also be sent over the carrier networks.
Samsung is also supporting Alcatel’s S-Band effort in Europe.