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Once you Go Mac…Adobe Premiere Returns to OS X

MacWorld tells us that today, Adobe will announce Premiere will again be offered for the Macintosh platform. The high end video editing software from Adobe dropped it’s Apple support back in 2003, most likely due to Apple’s vigorous efforts with the likes of Final Cut, After Effects, and other video editing applications.

These days however, the landscape is quite a bit different. Apple Computers run on Intel processors, and the groundswell of Apple sales the past couple of years seems to be much more than a trend. Adobe apparently wants back on the Mac train. Who can really blame them though.

So if you’re a video person, this could be big news for you. I wonder what this may mean for Apple’s hardware sales in the movie industry?

2 Responses to “Once you Go Mac…Adobe Premiere Returns to OS X”

  1. After Effects is in fact an Adobe product, not an Apple one. Just to make things clear.

    I’m a student editor. I won’t be using this new Premiere for Mac I guess. (I don’t even have an Intel Mac) And besides, people frown upon you when you say the word Premiere at our school :-)

    But I guess for some people this is good news.

  2. I think it’s telling that John Nack’s blog entry about this says that they dropped Premiere for Mac because they needed to rewrite significant portions of the program. They chose to do that on Windows first and then port the rewritten app to the Mac. So Windows still has preference, but Adobe found it possible to do the next version for both platforms at the same time after they were on Intel. It makes sense for Adobe to offer a complete suite for the Mac and I hope they do well so they continue to support the Mac.