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ModBook Makes Apple Tablet a Reality

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With all the talk going on here about the low likelihood of a tablet Mac, it’s funny to see OtherWorldComputing and Axiotron announce the ModBook, a modified MacBook in the form of a tablet, which will be officially unveiled on January 9th. Although scant few details have been given, the site offers a couple of tantalizing tidbits of information about the ModBook. It’ll have pen and handwriting recognition, probably via Inkwell; optional GPS (looks like another of Nick’s dreams will be realized); as well as a built-in CD and DVD drive and an iSight camera. It seems it’ll also have a custom designed case made of “aircraft grade magnesium alloy,” making this perfect for the true road warrior. There have been tablet mods before, made by wishful users, but none sold commercially or nailing the functionality people really want for a tablet, both of which it seems the ModBook will have. The official announcement will occur on January 9th*, with a usable demo machine at OtherWorldCompuing’s Macworld booth (S2218, for those lucky enough to be going.) With no pictures yet, it’s hard to know whether this will be the solution everyone’s been waiting for or a bulky hack undesired by even Nick, but they certainly do a good job of making these next few days of anxious anticipation even more unbearable.

*Wouldn’t it be rich if the unveiling was precluded by an Apple-made tablet Mac announcement at the keynote, however unlikely that is?

14 Responses to “ModBook Makes Apple Tablet a Reality”

  1. I agree with Grant, I’ll wait for Apple to unleash their take on a tablet.

    After the patents they filed with those exchangeable input devices like keyboard and such, they are probably working on a tablet but with an Apple twist.

    I’m starting to get tired of all the pseudo-scoops and thrillers and guessing games. A little was fun before but it is now out of control.

  2. I wonder what the cost of this tablet will actually be…

    It will not be an option for the average mac user, though I can see the uber Apple nerds getting right into this one.

  3. No Apple support, Combo drive (they still make those?, no apple support, no apple design, not built from a pro model but will surely cost more than a pro machine, no Apple support, recognition software that is already in OS X, no Apple support.

    The design could be decent, but it won’t be Apple and won’t be supported. I have had enough bad hard drives and bad mother boards to not want anything to do with a modded Apple product that is supported by some company somewhere. Logic board fails, I am out my machine for weeks and weeks, and I am to pay a premium for this privilege? No thanks, I will buy a Bluetooth Graphire to go wiht my MBP and utilize some hand to eye coordination. But that is just me.

  4. Haha, yeah, interesting sounding, isn’t it??
    And I wouldn’t say it would be undesired by yours truly. :) I just think were Apple to do it, it’d be in a design that would make us all drool. OWC will probably make a nice stab at it, but will it be everything you’d expect from an Apple product? I’m skeptical.
    Either way, it’ll be nice to see an Apple-based option in some form – and I bet all the artistas out there will enjoy drawing right on their ModBook in Illustrator (for example).