Mobile tech just solved a 28 year old problem

Image_00006I’ve had an issue for 28 years. Actually, I’ve got plenty of issues, but this one has been lingering for 28 years. It’s plagued me, bothered me, ticked me off and I just wanted it to go away. Today it has. See, I’ve been wearing glasses for 28 years. I did the contact lens thing for a few years, but basically, I’m a glasses kinda guy. And my eyes are pretty bad. I’m nearsighted, meaning I can’t see far away, but to be honest, I really can’t see things near me that well either. Therein lies the problem: how the heck can I tell what eyeglass frames look good on me? Truth is: I can’t because the frames have clear glass in them, which obviously does nothing for my eyesight. I usually bring someone with some fashion sense with me, but today I couldn’t. What to do, what to do……

The answer hit me while I was waiting to be helped. I had my XV 6700 Windows Mobile phone with me and it has a 1.3 Megapixel camera in it, right? I decided to snap pics of myself in potential frames, and then put my glasses on to view the actual pics. Heck, if I wanted to, I could have do a whole little fashion show and recorded a video!

So that solved the majority of my dilemma. Using the camera, I could take pics and then review them with my corrected vision. The other issue I had was getting a second opinion on my choices. Barb couldn’t join me at the store, but once I had the pics, it was a simple matter of sending her the pics in an e-mail via the EV-DO connection. Sure enough: I got the thumbs up in about 3 minutes.

Never again will I agonize over picking out frames when I can’t clearly see what they look like. Of course, maybe I should just buck up for the RK surgery, but that’s another issue entirely. ;) By the way, this approach was so successful for me that I bought not one, but two pairs of glasses. James says they’re ugly, but that’s what us younger, hipper folk call "trendy".


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