Macworld 2007: New Goodies for the Web Worker?


It’s that time of year…Macworld Expo in San Francisco begins next week. While the east coast version of the conference has died on the vine, the San Francisco show is still a huge draw. What tricks do you think Steve Jobs will have up his turtlenecked sleeve in his 2+ hour keynote on Tuesday?

Rumors abound…only thing that’s certain is what Jobs will wear.

The keynote speeches are rarely about productivity. And why not? It makes a better show to play some fun music and entertain than to demonstrate the software that went into making the presentation. Regardless, there are hints that we’ll have a new .Mac and iWork to play with.

Personally, I’ve been very disappointed in .Mac over the years. I’m not the only one. I gladly converted my free iTools account to a paid .Mac account when the paid version launched in 2002. The features sounded wonderful on paper, but the reality fell way short of the mark. The Backup software was buggy, iSync and iDisk was slow, and I had no need for the email address or web space. Hard to justify the $99 per year cost. I renewed once and then let my subscription lapse. Maybe next week will introduce a revitalized .Mac I’ll want to buy again. Even now, iCal sits unused on my Mac because while it’s pretty, it’s inferior and a bit crippled without a functional .Mac.

Another rumor that appears to be a given is whatever they’re going to call the iPhone (link is to a rumor summary page). Will it be a music device that can make phone calls, or a phone that can play music? Seems like a no brainer that it will be an iPod-centered device. I’m not sure it has a chance of competiting with today’s smartphones on productivity, so it will likely innovate on a whole new level. You can guarantee that it will have a clean, uncluttered interface that has been a hallmark of Apple design.

So web working Mac Fans…are you keeping an eye on what Apple has up its sleeve? We don’t just use our Macs to listen to music and play with photos and videos…are you looking forward to anything new that will make our working lives a little easier?


circle of asia

My bosses using the apple computer and their email are … I think it’s very easiest to use. But the most people in the office said .mac is a kind of complicated system, and the mac computer is so expensive.

Richard Senior

I help run a Mac music site, which of course, includes a lot of GarageBand centric stuff. So with the expected release of iLife ’07 and GarageBand 4 looming, I (and many others) am getting pretty excited about what Apple will be introducing on Monday.

With regards to web working, Mac OS X Tiger is a very nice platform. Stable, secure and a lot of fun! The new features that Leopard will introduce to the OS have really caught my eye though. Time Machine looks fantastic, and also some of the collaborative features of iCal in particular have me all a quiver. I think ’07 will be an outstanding year for Apple, and not just for it’s shareholders. It’s the evry day users and workers that will benefit most imho. Happy New Gear!

Jeff Ventura

I have a whole list of things that I think will be, might be, and won’t be announced over on my blog, Graceful Flavor.

Personally, this time of year is both exciting and disappointing. Exciting because this is usually when some very neat stuff comes out and Apple kicks off the direction it will take for the next calendar year, and disappointing because everything that’s being touted on the rumor sites never comes true.

In any event, I can’t wait to see what happens. It’ll be cool.

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