Kinda one more thing: a Mac tablet unveiling by Axiotron

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We just got a nice tip from Joel on something called the ModBook, which is being touted as "the first ever Mac® tablet computer solution" according to Axiotron. I titled this post with the non-word "Kinda" because this solution, expected to debut on January 9th at MacWorld, doesn’t appear to be a tablet solution directly from Apple.

I did some digging over at TUAW and see some additional info: "Engineered in the U.S. by a renowned team of German and American designers, the ModBook’s condensed form factor and integrated pen-based user experience makes it the ultimate solution for applications and situations where a keyboard only gets in the way. Ideal for: Mobile Users, Business Professionals, Artists, Students, and Technology Leaders!"

Although I’m intrigued of course, I’d really like to see a true tablet solution from Apple as opposed to a modified third party piece of hardware. Still, this might be next, best thing: a WACOM-enabled slate (or what appears to be a slate) that uses Apple’s InkWell handwriting recognition. I suspect that will work for pen entry, but I don’t know that your ink will be searchable in any applications. Time will tell, so while we’re at CES, keep an eye out for the MacWorld news.

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