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Brazil orders YouTube to shut down

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At the request of model and ex-wife of Ronaldo Daniela Cicarelli — who was in a sex tape with her new boyfriend that kept cropping up on YouTube despite her requests to keep it off — a Brazilian court has ordered YouTube shut down. While that’s clearly not going to happen, newly deep-pocketed YouTube continues to gather more enemies by the day. Check out the full story on NewTeeVee.

4 Responses to “Brazil orders YouTube to shut down”

  1. I don’t think this makes Brazil look stupid at all. A court order is a court order. The technology of the internet isn’t really relevant to the case – a company is running a business doing something that a court said it shouldn’t. “It’s the internet” isn’t an excuse for ignoring rules of the real world. The problem is not that nothing can be done, but that the interested parties have a vested interest in convincing you that nothing can be done because they think it’s too big a burden. Remember Yahoo and Nazi memoribilia?

  2. The first few companies (or people) to sue Google will make headlines across the web and on print. This is a great opportunity for the media moguls to claim some spot light. Every web 2.0 blogger has their eyes and ears on just such a lawsuit, and a carefully planned publicity stunt is just waiting to happen.

    Sad, but true.

  3. That’s the type of thing that makes our country look stupid. Some government oficials have no idea how the Internet works, however they feel comfortable enough to legislate and make stupid decisions. Next they will try to disconnect some of the internet tubes.