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Apple Tablet Doubtful. Ever.

Since I unwittingly duplicated a post that Michael had already covered here, about David Sobotta, I removed that post and have reformatted the ideas I conveyed into this post.

Sobotta’s insight to the way Steve does business and approaches technology is about as in-depth as I’ve read. After reading the article, I feel like predicting Apple products in the future will be cake – this of course is bullox because no one can predict what Steve will do.

But more than anything, Sabotta gives some excellent reasons as to why he feels we’ll see the Apple Phone at the Keynote next week, and why we’ll probably never see an Apple Computer in the form of a Tablet. This comes as somewhat of a downer for me, as I’ve written here a couple of times that I feel an Apple Tablet is inevitable. The points made by Sabotta are pretty strong, and lead me to believe that I may actually have been wrong (but only this one time).

The phone concept is much stronger however – after the “iPhone” rumors have clogged the internets for months now, it certainly should be I guess – because of Apple’s tendency lean toward selling TONS of cheaper products, rather than a relative few expensive products. (iPod anyone?) So could the Apple Phone be “Halo Effect”, round 2? I guess we’ll probably see.

In either case, there’s an awful lot of good reading in David’s article at The Guardian, and I highly recommend you check it out. You can also check out David’s personal blog here.

11 Responses to “Apple Tablet Doubtful. Ever.”

  1. Seems to me that a Mac-Tab-let with iPhone touchie screen interface would be a likely extention of the iPhone.
    THEN add a slot for an iPhone in the MacTab and
    the combination = office on the go = carry about your office building site and such rather than a heavier, more combersone powerbook.

    I need such a thing to manage my on-line lodge reservation system [wi-fi] as I walk about our nine acre, 12 cottage site.
    I want it NOW!// Tom

  2. “Still, Apple’s OS running on something other than hardware from Apple…that’s something we really haven’t seen […]”

    Well, as I understand it (and I may be wrong), the ModBook is a modified MacBook. So, in other words, it is essentially hardware from Apple.

    Other companies have done this through the years. Remember the DynaMac back in 1987? They essentially built a laptop around a Mac Plus motherboard. You could either buy the machine from DynaMac, where they would buy a Mac Plus and remove the motherboard, or you could just buy the DynaMac and use your own Mac. There are also other companies that will put your computer into interesting, entertaining, and worthwhile housings. I think the Yellow Dog Linux folks had a rack-mountable system which was a PowerMac G4 motherboard in their own housing.

    You notice there isn’t anything on price? It will definitely be more expensive than the MacBook because they actually have to buy a MacBook and rip it apart. I would imagine they’ll try to keep as many of the parts as possible, but if you need a keyboard you should be able to get a good price from these guys–they’ll have plenty left over. :^)

  3. I don’t see Steve as letting ego get in the way of a good product IF he really thought it was a good idea and the market was ready for it. I don’t see the need for a tablet, either, but as laptops gets smaller and devices like, oh, say an iPod-based cell phone get smarter, Apple’s hardware line will naturally trend towards a tablet-like device anyway.

  4. I think Sobotta’s comment about Gates’ roll in the tablet computer was telling, “Furthermore, the tablet was championed by Bill Gates. I don’t see Steve stepping up to the plate to help Bill’s reputation as a forecaster of computer trends.”

  5. True. Still, Apple’s OS running on something other than hardware from Apple…that’s something we really haven’t seen (except for hacks) since their last licensing attempt with Motorola, Daystar, et al.

    Given the user-experience that led to before, I would like to hope Apple has been more involved with the development of this product.

    Next week is definitely going to be interesting.