Youngsville, Louisiana Schools Get 100 MBPS


A few days ago, there was a lot of talk about customers of Singapore-based Starhub getting 100 megabits per second connections to their home. Some of us were quite jealous at them getting those big honking connections.

The kids in Youngsville, Louisiana, however are not feeling any jealousy, thanks to Lafayette Utilities’ Fiber for the future plan. Youngsville has signed a deal with the utility where LU is going to provide 100 megabit per second connections to the school district.

The bandwidth will be made available to students of three schools in the district by Fall 2007, when the project is set to be completed. Several other school districts are signing up for similar plans, according to a local daily.


Christopher Truffa

They may need a CDN, people are bound to be looking for their info, as the attention it is getting will draw people like mad

Panther Express CDN is cheap and GREAT!

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