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Looking for a beta invite to the Venice Project? We’ve got a few handy. To make it interesting, we’re holding this site’s first contest: Get NewTeeVee on Your OldTeeVee.

Here are the rules: send us a picture of on your television and tell us how you did it. If you’d like, you can post a link to the picture and a description of your methods in the comments of this post. Alternately, you can email them to Do this before 8 a.m. PST on Monday, January 8.

We’ll give out awards for most elegant setup, least elegant setup, and perhaps “best device that isn’t a TV.”



I’m going for the most complex setup :).
I made a small page, explaining how I got NewTeevee on my old TV, including the use of 2 televisions! It won’t win on picture quality, but it was the most complex I could come up with, with the stuff I had available (and without waisting TOO much time :)).
Anyway, you can have a look at it at


I have a laptop with tv-out, so it should be easy, but I’m trying to think of the most complex way that I can display your site on a TV (without buying new devices, that is), before Monday…

Frederic Guarino


My setup is simple, practical and does the trick : I use GrandTec USA PC to Video Component, retailed at Radioshack, and wire the sound through my stereo, all for the grand sum of around $70.

Hope I get the least elegant setup award !


To all the people not inpressed by Venice remeber this is still a BETA product and still not a final product .

The Venice Project is a still a code name ,this is early stages for this product.

If you look at the UI its not hard to tell that Venice wants to be on Media Centers and Set Top Boxes .The PC and Mac clients are just launching platfoms and yes the UI needs work but that is part of the “BETA” process.

With remotes that have mouse functions and slide out querty keyboards or even T9 input, I think that TVP will be in your lounge room and not in your office soon enough .


Liz below is the text from my Invite page


We’re gradually expanding our network, and we’d like you to invite new people to come and join in.

Every once in a while you will receive tokens, enabling you to send invitations to friends, family or anyone else who you think will enjoy watching internet TV. Each invitation will cost you one token, regardless of whether your invitation has been accepted or refused.

Number of invitations you can send: 0

Liz Gannes invited


@ Liz…and this is not adding to that hype? ;)

As to Web TV elegance, when looking at low cost Web TV systems I rigged up a simple surround sound system using the (very) simple yet elegant 1970’s Hafler Principle – on which today’s Dolby et al are all based.

In fact some people reckon a Hafler circuit can (partially) decode the 5.1 surround signal via analog means.

Bit hard to describe it in full on here so I posted it up on my blog here.

Anyway, it works very well (awesomely well considering the price of setting it up), I thoroughly recommend anyone giving it a go before buying any expensive surround sound gear.

Liz Gannes

When did you send me the invite, Matt_? I don’t think I got it.

Sebastian — yeah, there’s a heck of a lot of hype. But nobody’s got this stuff perfect yet, especially if you’re looking for streaming first-run movies and TV.

Sebastian Hughes

What’s all the fuss about? I saw TVP on a friend’s machine, and was very unimpressed. Video quality was average at best, I’ve seen better quality on regular web sites. The interface is extremely convoluted. I just don’t get it? Is it the sexiness of P2P? If so, Bit Torrent, Veoh, and others already have that. Is it that the guys are founders of Skype? Who cares? Could someone enlighten me why there is any interest in this?

We have lots of places to get video, YouTube, MySpace, Veoh, Revver, and I am pretty satisfied with the choice and quality. Playing with Veoh’s new remote control interface, I understand why full screen is important, but download via Veoh or Bit Torrent just seems to make much more sense than streaming with TVP.


So thats what you did with the invite I sent you Liz ;)you owe me


Well, if I had a real TV I wouldn’t want an invite to Venice so bad. Sheesh. I got rid of my TV when I moved 3000 miles because I knew these days would be coming soon. So close…

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