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webworker Yes, we sit at desks in front of our computers for the majority of time during our day. Some of us might not even take a trip to the cafe, or to the mail box because we are so into the work of the day. We might have good chair’s, desk’s, and even great posture, but even then, we still get all cramped up with muscle aches at the end of the day. How can you alleviate some of the aches and pains in your life? Taking five minutes out of your day to stretch!

Recently, a friend of mine sent through a series of 16 simple exercises that highly benefit those that sit at computers for a prolonged amount of time. Total time for the session is only 5-10 minutes, and really does greatly reduce any strains and tensions that might pop up during the day. These simple stretches that cover every major part from your hands to your calf’s are easy to remember, and can also be done as you think about them during the day. Leaving you to spontaneously erupt in short stretching breakout sessions as you read material, or ponder your thoughts.

The Computer and Desk Stretches sheet was scanned in from a paper copy, and I have yet to find a better copy online, so please excuse the lower quality material. Nonetheless, you will get the drift of the stretches. I have touched it up the best I could. If you know where a better copy is, please feel free to drop a comment.

Photos via Flickr.

Webworker stretches sheet one.
Webworker stretches sheet two.



I’m starting to post stretches from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stretching, Illustrated. I hope to eventually have almost all of them on line. Right now there is a kneeling neck stretch, a seated neck stretch will be up shortly. Check it out at http://www.cigstretching.com


Thank you very much for posting the images of the stretches that people should do to prevent muscle aches and pains. This is highly essential and you have done a great service to your coworkers and anyone performing repetitive motion activities. Repetitive strain injuries are hard to treat once they become chronic.
Self massage is very easy to perform and is essential to relax the muscles. I have written on the topic in my blog.

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