Plastic Logic nabs $100m for plastic electronics factory



MobileRead just dropped the news on us: Plastic Logic is building a factory to produce their plastic electronics ware thanks to $100 million in financing. These types of announcements hit the street daily, so what’s so special here? The product: Plastic Logic has already demonstrated a thin, light and flexible electronic paper application. If you hit up the Plastic Logic site, you can view a great video demonstration of the basis product. I particularly like when they bang a shoe on the paper to show its durability; just try THAT with a mobile device screen!

For the moment, the plastic paper looks to be greyscale, but I’m already thinking of beyond the black-and-white eBook device: how about a lightweight color application for a next generation UMPC or mobile device? If we can meld that with touchscreen capabilities well…I….uh…..oh, I’m so excited, I have to walk away…..

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