Brighthand reviews the iPAQ hw6925 smartphone


Hw6925After the long wait for HP’s hw6900 series, I was really curious to see if the wait was actually worth it. Brighthand put the phone through the test and well….I’m thinking it wasn’t quite worth the wait. That’s not to say the hw6925 is a bad product, but I think this quote says it best: "The 6925 is a decent device, but in the amount of time that it’s been delayed, a lot of highly competitive devices have been released. " I agree with that statement given other phones like the BlackJack, Treo 700-series and the Motorola Q, but for anyone who did wait on the hw6925, this review is worth a look.

On the plus side, you get plenty of connectivity options between GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and quad-band support for GSM/GPRS/EDGE. The question in my mind for Cingular customers is: what’s the compelling reason to purchase this over the BlackJack? Is it the GPS receiver and if so, is that enough to make the hw6925 the "smartphone to own?"

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