A few video presentation application ideas

If you find yourself making online presentations, or sending out product demos, you might find some value in these three offerings that could make explaining your product or service much much easier, and less costly than hiring a video production team.

Average users can easily use these tools after uploading video content to a webspace. First off, you have to capture video. If you are looking to take a video screen capture demonstration of your online service from your PC, you might want to use Snagit.

This nice little tool with a free trial allows users to capture and edit whats happening on their screen. Once this is done and uploaded to a webspace you can check out Mojiti. This is a free online service that can be used to personalize video by adding comments, captions and subtitles at any time in the video. Another great online video tool on the market that web workers could use is Bubbeply.

Like Mojiti, the online Bubbleply beta allows users to tweak video. Whereas Mojiti adds comments, this service allows users to input videos from anywhere, including YouTube, Google Videos, and MySpace to add bubbles. The Bubbleply service is extremely simple to use.

Begin by importing a video though a URL link. Then add bubbles using a simple interface where you can allocate timing, links, effects with background colors, transparency, and text color. When you’re done, you get a unique URL that you can use to view the video, or embed it into your blog, website, social network page or send it out to investors, clients or team members.

If you have any other affordable and easy to use applications that could be used by amateurs to annotate video walk throughs of products or services, drop a line in the comments. Also, If you have had any business success from utilizing Mojito, Bubbleply, or Snagit let us know as well.


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