2007: a full year of Internet-only media


Year_of_living_digitallyI consider myself pretty adventurous, but even I’m not going to try this experiment just yet. Paul Colligan just put his TiVo up on eBay because in 2007, his entire household is going to get their entertainment media solely from the Internet. That’s right, no television from cable, satellite or local over-the-air methods. All movies, television shows and music will be delivered via the Internet or they simply won’t be enjoyed by the Colligan household.

Paul has a blog aptly named "Year of Living Digitally" where you can follow his family’s progress this year. While the idea might sound far-fetched to some, I expect you’ll see good reviews and user experiences with the various media offerings out there; bear in mind that many of them (iTunes, Amazon Unbox, etc….) can be used in a mobile setting, so I’ll be following this with great interest.



This is no big shocker. I don’t have a TV and watch downloaded shows off of the Internet.


Of course, all you really need to do is have a friend or relative set up a Slingbox for you, and…there you go.

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