XBox 360 Sells Most Units In North America This Holiday Season

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One part desirability and one part availability is a pretty decent recipe for success. The same rule that made Microsoft’s hardware sales number one this season is the same rule that has given the PS3 so many problems: supply and demand. Whenever anyone who has sold a PS3 on eBay wants to debate whether or not they’re ethically in the right, supply and demand always comes up. I’m not taking sides in this debate, but if the PS3 had a little less eBay “supply and demand,” maybe the overall public perception wouldn’t be in the toilet.

According to Games Industry, the NPD has released a preliminary report that the XBox 360 sold more consoles this holiday season than Nintendo and Sony. Of course, this is probably because Nintendo only managed to put around 1.8 million Wiis on the market and Sony managed to put up around 750,000 , but I doubt anyone at Microsoft is going to be losing any sleep over their opponent’s loss. The official NPD numbers should be out later this month.

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Looks like these numbers are bogus. I didn’t buy them when I saw them earlier in the week.

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