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WSJ In Wonderland: Print Shrinks; Online Grows

Today marked the much-touted relaunch of the print WSJ and corresponding enhancements at, concrete acknowledgment that at the highest level of Dow Jones the two are inextricably entwined. We previewed the changes with Publisher Gordon Crovitz last month after a press unveiling; so far, no surprises. The print edition is indeed smaller and easier to handle (meaning those of us who read it on mass transportation won’t have to elbow the person in the next seat to turn the page); the online edition has more non-subscription content. (The effect on its journalism remains to be seen; the WSJ local of the Newspaper Guild-CWA used the event to push its contention that management is harming quality with contract change demands, using a $115,000 ad in the rival New York Times’ print edition.)
The Journal has been relentless about getting the word out, including distributing free Jan. 2 editions across the country and letting down the online paywall for the day. Another example: a large chunk of the 8-page readers guide in the inaugural edition is devoted to explaining the new, a large amount of financial data now available online without being a subscriber. Data can be formatted for delivery to PDAs and, for subs, cellphones. Subs also have access to more detailed email alerts. Another half page goes to explaining the 24/7 news cycle on; to look at the graphic is to see the evolution of online news. The Journal still has a way to go, though: the tour of the Market Data Center is in Flash but the online version of the guide is a pdf of the print.
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