Waiting for Belkin UWB

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Belkin’s cable-free UWB hub has been ‘almost to the market’ for the better part of a year now. Belkin even put out a release in December that said it would be available mid-December. Now Belkin says in an email that the product will be available mid-January, (January 12th says the recently updated press release) and will be on display at CES 2007. The reasons:

We have experienced many delays in launching our Cable-Free USB Hub, and this was partially due to the change in chipset. The more recent delays, however, have been caused by an extensive FCC approval process. Due to the newness of the technology, this process has, unfortunately, taken much longer than we anticipated. As a result, we have had to change the availability date of the Hub. — Belkin spokesperson

Should we believe them this time, even though their track record on lauching this product is far from reliable? We’ll check out the product at CES and let you know if looks market-ready.

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