Two Hours of Magic


An eagle-eyed Digg’er points out that the Keynote at next week’s MacWorld Expo will be 2 hours long. Typically it runs a little more than an hour, but not this year kids. We get a solid 120 minutes of his Steveness telling us about all the tech and hardware we didn’t even know we needed yet. So make sure you’ve got access to a computer to grab some feed of details next Tuesday at 9am Pacific time. And grab a comfy seat, because you’ll be on the edge of it for 2 hours. Woohoo!



Give me iTV which streams HD video PROPERLY over wireless and ill beat everyone to the store :D


I hate to burst everybody’s bubble, but the reason it says two hours is probably the time that the organisers of Macworld have set aside for the Keynote, because they probably don’t know how long it will last. It may well be the case that it is not two hours


… during teh day please send updates to my new iPhone …. I want to test out how the pictures stream in.
ohm ohm ohm ohm

PS. any news on who has the coo-aid concession stand this year?

Mark Johnson

The last 3 years the Keynote has been 2 hours long — 9 AM to 11 AM. On occasion (specifically, 2 years ago), it ran MORE than 2 hours… I know because I was on the expo floor which opened and people were flowing in when they Keynote was still going and Steve was introducing the iPod mini.

Nick Santilli

Rajat – I’ll see if I can put together a decent list for checking things out that day and try to post it to The Apple Blog.

Mandaris – true, but that’s still 2 hours of hearing about all the cool new stuff from Apple, Steve or now. But I understand your point, Steve’s delivery is half the fun.


I don’t know if we will actually get 2 hours of the Notorious J.O.B….S. If you remember, he brought on other people for the WWDC keynote… which doesn’t have the same impact.

Rajat Jain

Can u disclose any feeds that will let us watch the keynote live..please!

Todd Baur

I hope I get dinner and a movie this time before I empty my wallet!

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