So what mobile tech did you get this holiday season?


Here we are heading into another new year and I know some geeks were lucky enough to score some moibile tech for the holidays.  You know I got a Zune which is now behaving as it should and I love the player.  My iPod has not hit the charger dock even once since I unwrapped the Zune.  It’s a good time to share what mobile tech you received and how do you like it so far?  How will it make an impact on your work and your life?  Inquiring geek minds want to know.  :)



After first discovering the Sony Vaio UX-50 and the excellent unboxing video here at jkOnTheRun, I finally received one as a gift this year. I am really pleased with the UX-50 and its performence so far. I also picked up a Think Outside Slim Bluetooth Keybard and a Sony Vaio VGP-BMS30 Wireless Bluetooth Optical Mouse for the complete mobile office.

Kevin C. Tofel

I bought a new digital camera, specifically to take to CES. I didn’t have unlimited funds (saving for that MacBook!) and I thought the Panasonic Lumix DMC-F27 was a good balance of price and performance. 12x optical zoom, Leica lens, image stabilization, 6-megapixels = around $300 from Amazon.


X60 Tablet… well, I ordered it, but Lenovo has problems delivering :(


I got a Nokia 770 and a 2 GB RS-MMC card. The firmware that came out last month enabled it to use 2 GB RS-MMC’s. SO far I have installed the follwing:

Canola Media Player (Full screen media player program designed to be used with your thumbs).
Dropbear SSH server/cclient
GPE Calendar, Contacts, Timesheet, and Todo.
MaemoPad (Text Editor)
Xournal (Digital Ink Notes…also can annotate PDF files)
btxfer (OPUSH client for sending files via bluetooth)
Maemo Recorder (Voice Memo Recorder)
Gizmo Project
Bashpodder (bash based Podcast catcher and it WORKS on the 770!)

I played with then uninstalled Minimo (too unstable), Dates(another calendar app), Winzig (PIM App)and evince.

One criticism I would like changed is the built in PDF reader does NOT have a search function. Other then that it’s pretty cool (the PDF reader that is).

Jamie Wright

My lovely wife got me a Sony Reader. I really like the device. I keep all my current reading on the tiny device. The only problem is the content. Hopefully that will change soon.


I finally got myself a TC1100. I have been wanting one for a long time. I could afford a nice new P1610, but thanks to eBay I got myself a nice (looks new) TC1100 (1GB RAM, 80GB HDD) for $1000. Loving it!!!

I also installed MS Office 2007 which is also very nice.


I also got a P1610 as a present to myself. So far it has been very good although I am having a few system issues which I believe are related to only having 512mb of Ram. So I’ve also ordered a ram upgrade, due Friday.

Tonight I’ll order my dock and then the device will be complete.

I also bought myself a copy of MS Office 2003 with a free qualifier to Office 2007 cheap so that will go on with Vista when it arrives.

A good Christmas this year for tech toys!


1. TV Tuner card to stream media via Orb to my Smartphone and P1510D
2. Webcam to make video calls back home to the family and kids via Skype or netmeeting
3. Bluetooth wireless headset to to listen to podcasts while I work out.


Anton P. Nym

The only actual mobile ‘tech’ I got under the tree was a horseshoe-shaped travel pillow… but man did it make a difference shuttling about over the holidays. In addition, there’s gift cards from Best Buy and Canadian Tire that’ll probably be at least partly spent on mobile stuff. (A new Bluetooth headset at least… broke the old one.)

— Steve


got myself raon digital vega, asus r2h(got it slightly earlier), and a clearanced seagate 6gb usb drive…i actually feel like the vega is snappier feeling than the r2h(the sheer amount of bloatware on the r2h is astounding)..

Jim Sparkman

Well, after some consideration, watching and rewatching videos here and at GBM, lots of reading comments, etc., I finally ordered my own Fuji P1610… it arrived last Wednesday, so I’ve had ir barely a week, but I’m so very happy with it, so glad I did it. I’ve decided to hold off on installing Vista until the drivers dvd is available, though… anyway, I’m already running Vista on my HP mobile workstation, so that satisfies my curiosity for now. I’m traveling with my P1610 coming up Sunday, all week to the UK, so am really looking forward to that.

So, thanks to jkontherun and GBM for providing such great info and videos such that good decisions like this can be made.

– Jim

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