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Online Brokerages To Introduce Electronic Tokens For Enhancing Security

The Financial Express reports that brokerage firms including, Kotak Securities and Motilal Oswal are considering the introduction of electronic tokens for authenticating users. ADAG’s Reliance Money is in the process of introducing electronic tokens, wherein passwords generated will be valid only for 20 seconds. If nothing else, I think it will give users an increased sense of security, and there is certainly a case for a single player offering these authentication sevices to clients of several websites where transactions take place.

One Response to “Online Brokerages To Introduce Electronic Tokens For Enhancing Security”

  1. moneymonger

    adding ot the nightmare . ever since the the system of resetting the password every 15 days has been made mandatory . there has been a barage of response for new password request . the response time has gone from max 2 days to 8 days ! . can someone investigate ?