Mobile Gaming On The Rise


The cell phone has come a long way since the days of giant backpacks and talking into bricks. As cell phone technology improves, so does the opportunity for mobile gaming to improve. Mobile gaming has taken some very serious steps in the last couple of years and employs some very interesting technology. The infatuation that we all share with newer and smaller technology is going to push forward the cell market, which, in turn, drives the mobile gaming market. How do I know? I have a study to prove it!

The IDC, a subsidary of the IDG, has released a study that predicts that by the end of 2010, there will be 50 million subscription-based mobile game downloaders. The core audience for these downloads are under the age of 24 and they’re gaining in number quickly. If the research is correct, the market should be expanding at more than 16% annually. This rise in subscribers isn’t due only to improved technology, but also new ways of purchasing them. Lewis Ward, research maneger with the Mobile Consumer Service section of IDC, has this to say about the market:

“Flexible discovery and billing mechanisms are emerging trends making mobile game purchases easier and more attractive to consumers. Game bundles, flat subscription fees that include access to multiple games, weekly game rentals, pay-per-play and other models today compliment the standard one-time purchasing model or single-game monthly subscription model.”

It won’t be too much longer until we see a real handheld console with cell phone features. Well, at least one that isn’t the NGage, that is to say, is actually good.


Duane Brown

In South Korea this is already happening where you can buy mobile games and other products and the fees show up on your cell phone bill, which is why it’s taking off in most of Asian and Europea. The easy of use and simple nature of the system is what is missing in North American as well as letting people know and learn how they can buy things for their cell phone.

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