It’s Looking To Be A Happy New Year


Well, the new year – and another work week – has begun.

I trust everyone had a fun and safe series of holidays, but it’s time to get back to business. There’s a whole new year ahead, and that of course means plenty of new resolutions, ups, downs, crazy Apple Rumors, and the MacWorld Expo!! Yup, we’re one week away from what are bound to be some big things. If you were skeptical in the least, I think the beautiful new graphic adorning Apple’s website should set you straight.

EDIT: It’s probably just my history of obsession with Apple moving [back] toward black hardware, but when’s the last time we saw an Apple logo in black?? I know, I know. It’s just black in appearance because of the contrast from the bright light behind it…I’m just saying. Black [steel] Mac Pro 8 Core towers in a week…?



Interesting suggestion – black aluminum towers.

I think Apple may have forwent a huge marketing opportunity by not having that plug clickable, but a teaser’s a teaser, I suppose.

John Arnor G. Lom

I’m just thinking back, and remembering the last time Apple emphasized a year in an ad (1984)…

So perhaps we’ll soon find out “why 2007 won’t be like 2007”?


Not sure if black symbolizes professionalism, even less if it’s so glossy as the MacBook Pro. Maybe some brushed metal black, yes. Btw you see exactly the same happening in the digital camera bussiness. Look in your local electronic store. More and more black devices come up.

Mike Caputo

I had thought the same thing about the possibility of black hardware on the horizon for Apple.. Imagine some kind of brushed metal black color? it could be very cool. I think so at least..

*crosses fingers for the iMobile announcement*


I think black stands for “pro-sumer” in Apple’s current line-up. I doubt they would use it for their most kickass Pro machine.

Rune Jensen

I am looking forward to the new year, indeed. The logo though is brillaint, because the black symbolizes professionalism.
We are about to experience a lot of new Apple products coming up. iTV and OS X Leopard, as the greatest.

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