GPS at MacWorld?

leopard gpsWhile catching up on my News Feeds, I came to my friend Weldon’s blog and his excitement about GPS support for Macs. It reminded me of a post from earlier in 2006 about Spotlight. The portion of note is the idea of incorporating GPS in Macs, and making the OS aware of this (obviously) and integrating that information into the likes of metadata (for instance).

It seems like every year we have at least one of those announcements from Apple that makes us smack our fore-heads and salivate instantaneously. Will we hear it at MacWorld next week? It’s definitely possible. And while everyone is stoked to hear more about the “iTV” and everything else, I’ve been trying to think of what that one thing might be that really bowls us over. I think it would be killer – and even plausible – that we’ll find out that Leopard is built with GPS awareness. Oh, and one more thing…Mac hardware will start shipping with GPS chips in 2007.


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