Get more organized with your Pocket PC

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Modern_nomads_1The start of a new year often finds many thinking along the lines of getting more organized using mobile technology to get the year started in proper fashion.  It’s not an easy thing to do and requires giving a lot of thought to the tools at hand and finding a way to get the most out of them.  Microsoft MVP Jaap van Ekris of Modern Nomads has done a lot of that thinking and written a good article that addresses how to get the most out of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.  The article concentrates on how to use the PIM applications for maximum effectiveness for getting everything under control.  The premise behind the article is that the more organized you get in your professional life the more time you have to devote to your personal life, something I agree with totally.  It’s a nice article and worth a read even if you are a long-time user of a Windows Mobile Pocket PC or were lucky enough to score one from Santa this year.

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Dave Zatz

I use Yahoo Go which syncs with my (online) Yahoo contacts, calendar, tasks, and photos without requiring Outlook or other Microsoft desktop apps. (I have more blog-related and personal email + contacts, appointments, tasks, etc than “real” work so I skip the Exchange sync.)

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