Easier Login Items


Generally when adding a program to the list of items that starts when you log in to your Mac, you have to go through the Accounts item in System Preferences. Or some programs will give the options in their own prefs. Either way, it can be a little bit of wrestling to get to it.

Perhaps this is a known trick, but I just stumbled-upon it and figured it was something a few people may find handy. Rather than going through the steps I alluded to above, next time you want to add some app to your login routine, try the following.

With the app running, right (or CTRL) click the app’s icon in the Dock.
Select ‘Open at Login’ from the resulting contextual menu.
That’s all there is.

Much simpler, yeah? I like that.

Of course, I should also mention as a warning – the more items you peg to start upon Login, the longer your Mac may take to actually come to a usable state. I try to limit my Login Items as much as possible, but it’s still a good 12+ items in length… Anyway, something to keep in mind.


Dave M.

Quicksilver… It’s an amazing utility, but it’s as difficult to master as an OS is. I use it to launch some stuff. I use the hotkeys to open Gmail and other things. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lime: You know, the nice thing about OS X is that there are many ways to do the same thing. You don’t have to use the context menus to do things. Folks coming from a Windows background like myself, feel comfortable around context menus. It doesn’t push OS X to look more like Windows. It makes the machine way more accessible to many folks.

Richard Neal

Nick, why not just use Quicksilver for that too? I’m not sure which plugin this comes from, but I get a Open at Login option in QS.

Nick Santilli

Hahaha, good call there Dave.
I actually touch the Dock very infrequently because I use Quicksilver for nearly everything. So it was a rare moment that I went to the Dock for whatever reason, and happened upon this. Or at least registered that it was there. Oh well, hopefully someone out there sees it as something new.

Dave M.

I’m sorry to say that I found that within the first few days of owning my MacBook. My MacBook is the first Mac I have owned that had OS X on it.

Maybe since I’m a little new to OS X, I tend to poke around a little, but I knew that there was a lot of stuff in the dock context-sensitive popup menu.

In fact, I wasn’t aware that you could add login programs from the System Preferences. :)

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