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Carmakers Driving Music Industry Embrace Toward Podcasting

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The value of podcast as a promotional vehicle may finally be helping music labels and publishers conquer two distinct concerns: fear of piracy and sorting out royalty issues. Ford Motor Co. is joining rival DaimlerChrysler AG as music series podcast, the WSJ reports. The car makers are getting usually reluctant record labels and music publishers to loosen licensing rules governing the use of artists

One Response to “Carmakers Driving Music Industry Embrace Toward Podcasting”

  1. This idea has a lot of potential for sports teams and other properties who sell sponsorships on their web sites. Teams have lots of content – and many have podcasts – which could be tailored for local dealerships and offered as "value add" through local dealer groups to fans who buy their cars.

    Meanwhile, I wouldn't mind seeing our league (NFL) make a deal with Rock River and extend rights to some of this music to the teams. We are constantly limited by pesky copyright issues when we're producing our own video for the Web and podcasts.