Car WiFi: Avis & AutoNet Mobile


The New York Times says the rental car company Avis has done a deal with auto WiFi startup AutoNet Mobile for an $11-per-day in-car WiFi service starting in March. The service uses 3G networks to create an in-car WiFi hotspot, which sounds similar to Junxion’s hardware, which was behind Google’s magic Bus and other transit broadband services.


Jim Means

Here’s what’s special: you don’t need a 3G card, you don’t need a phone, and you don’t need a broadband account with your phone company. I think this service would be great, I would use it one or two weeks a year when I go storm chasing. I don’t even have a wireless phone, to do what you’re suggesting would cost several hundred dollars in equipment plus committing to a wireless data contract for at least a year at some exorbitant rate. Plus, the coverage appears better than any single wireless provider can give.

Om Malik


could not agree with you more on this – this is a dumb idea – 3G broadband just might be the new dot com. Anyway it is cheaper to sign-up for the service from VZ and turn your little Mac into a wifi hot spot. I have done it often. Another reason to buy a Mac ;-)

Jesse Kopelman

This makes no sense to me. Why wound’t I just bring my own 3G connection via PC card or tehered phone? This would make sense as a free service that was a value add to get me to go with Avis over the competition, but at $11/day . . ?

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