My 2006 Highlights in GigaOM/GigaGamez


As we roll into 2007, here’s select highlights of posts and stories from the year that was. In my opinion, these are the entries that will be the most relevant in this new year:

  • What Games Really Sell” – Casual and family games will become more important to the industry, and this pattern revealed in the top hundred-selling games will become more prounounced in coming years.
  • Greg Costikyan’s Gaming Manifesto” – Greg’s business model will begin to become the industry standard in 2007, with publishers depending more and more on broadband distribution, especially for their back catalog, and partnering with networks and telecoms to supply the backbone.
  • … but will Spore sell?” – Will Wright’s long-awaited game is expected to go on sale this year, and will almost surely be met with universal critical acclaim. But whether it sells enough to boost Electronic Arts’ bottom line remains to be seen.
  • Second Life: Hype vs. Anti-Hype vs. Anti-Anti-Hype” – The Net’s next generation, or a Web 2.0 debacle (or both)? The debate will continue to rage through 2007. (And if you don’t believe me, check out the story’s comment section, still bubbling with fascinating conversation two weeks later.)
  • Experts Weigh in on the Console Wars” – I’m not one of the experts mentioned in the title, but I went ahead and made a prediction anyway: at the end of 2007, 360 and Wii will have 40% of the market each, with PS3 taking a paltry 20%.

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