This Week At Giga Gamez (12/25/2006 – 12/31/2006)


The last week of 2006 has turned out to be a rather interesting one. We’ve gone from DS Lite shortages to a virtual reality network that may, or may not, be real… or virtually real… whichever. The jury is still out on that one.

It seems that scientists are trying to nail down why we play video games. In this study, we find out what motivates most of us. For the record, it’s not the extremely vague “fun” that keeps us coming back.

The controversial market of gold farming comes under attack, but this time it’s not from gaming companies. South Korea is considering a ban on selling gold for real-world currency. Man, now how am I going to get my flying mount?

From the more ridiculous side of things comes the assertion by one Sony Rep that the PS3 demo kiosks are freezing up on purpose. Wow. Just Wow.

We had a look inside the corporate advertising juggernaut that is the Burger King to analyze whether or not it could work for another company. The basic consensus is: who has a character strong enough? Well, at least there’s a King movie on the way!

Finally, we hear from experts that say the console shortage could last for a while. The prediction is that the Wii should be readily available by March and the PS3 by June. Maybe the analysts should drop by the local Meijer and check on that PS3 shortage.

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