Sony To Release 3rd PS3 SKU?

I’ve been driving around lately, looking for a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and every store I go to I check out the console section. I keep seeing PS3 after PS3 sitting on store shelves and no one is terribly interested. Of course, this whole thing isn’t going to last. The PS3 will become more popular when it has some actual game content other than Resistance or if they manage to find a way to drop the price. Of course, being Sony, price drops are the farthest thing from their minds… in fact, it looks like it may be time to raise the price!

Justin Mann at Techspot reports that Sony has announced that a 3rd version of the PS3 is currently in development and will be targeted at the home theater market. This new PS3 will feature a drive stabilizer, 512 MB of XDR memory and 2 HDMI outputs (one for audio and one for video). However, the price tag is rumored to be an astronomical $1,600. Realistically, this device buys you an extra output and makes the play back a touch smoother. Maybe they should focus on making people want the PS3s they already have out there before trying to shove another, more expensive one, down our throats. If this is the case, someone really needs to go try and talk some sense into Sony.