GigaOM Year In Review


It’s always fun to take a look at the stats at the end of a calendar year. For instance, it turns out approximately 86% of GigaOm readers visited using cable, DSL or corporate broadband connections, with only 7% using dial-up and 7% unknown. With an audience so thoroughly saturated with broadband access, it’s no surprise that the top three posts and three of the top ten search terms were related to video!

2006 was definitely the year that online video, gaming and productivity applications went totally mainstream. Below, we list the top ten companies or product search terms.

  1. youtube
  2. stardoll
  3. videora
  4. photobucket
  5. amazon s3
  6. guba
  7. meebo
  8. cyworld
  10. skype symbian

This is probably the first year GigaOm’s top post has been from someone besides Om himself!

  1. DVD Jon Fairplays Apple[Liz Gannes]
  2. Inside The Venice Project & Exclusive Screen Shots [Om Malik]
  3. DivX Launches Its Own YouTube, Stage6 [Katie Fehrenbacher]
  4. Who Wants to Be a Virtual World Millionaire? [Wagner James Au]
  5. The Console Wars Claims Its First Victim? [Wagner James Au]
  6. Best of Both Worlds, PC on a Mac [Om Malik]
  7. Apple + Google = Worries for Everybody [Om Malik]
  8. Forget iPhone, Think Google Phone [Om Malik]
  9. Evan Williams: How Odeo Screwed Up [Liz Gannes]
  10. The New American Idol… The Coder [Om Malik]



Nice job on the statistics post. I hope more voip bloggers do the same, it is interesting reading all these little tidbits.



Om, you’re slacking! Hehe, Happy New Years and congratulations on your success.

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