Bypass amusement park lines with mobile tech


Zatz_at_universalHate those long lines at amusement parks? If you’ve got a mobile phone or other device with Internet access, this note I just received two minutes ago from Dave Zatz might come in handy:

"At Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure today… In line at Spiderman ride now. Long line to get into parks but we noticed a kiosk for online ticket purchases so we used the 6700 to buy the tickets and print from kiosk! Skipped the lines, walked right up to kiosk. Also, online purchases save you $4 a ticket which is a nice bonus."

How awesome is that? Dave composed this note while in line with his PPC-6700 on the Sprint network, shot a self-portrait to prove that you don’t need to shave while on vacation, bypassed the long wait to get in the park and saved $4 bucks a ticket in the process! Nice…..oh, and Dave, don’t forget to wear you seatbelt on the Spiderman ride; be sure to secure the 6700 too!



Nice. Maybe the Fandango folks should reconsider their service charge for buying movie tickets online.

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